How to love yourself

Loving yourself is not a easy thing to do but I have 4 tips for you.

1. Try new things

2. Do want you want not what people want you to do

3. Don’t be to hard on you

4. Surround yourself with people who support you and people who love you


4 thoughts on “How to love yourself

  1. I think that trying new things is essential because you can see different sides of yourself so you can understand it a little better. Also, taking things with humour, not seriously can lighten up your mood and be more human. Very good article, keep up the good work.


  2. Nice post!
    I think my own personal problem is that I am too hard on myself about EVERYTHING…and I have recently lost a few of my best friends due to our differences, but it’s for the best….So right now I am focusing on surrounding myself around people who bring good vibes.


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