Cardio WorkoutĀ 

I love to do cardio and with autumn coming it is , in my opinion the best season to run outside! I always run for 20-30 minutes around my  neighborhood and after I do a little workout when I have the time. 

Abs workout:

30  butterfly sit up 

15 crunches 

20 leg raises 

20 secondes Swimmers 

2 minutes plank ( If 2 minutes is too hard for you , you can take a break of 10 secondes after one minutes and continue)

Arm workout 

20 push up

15 push press 

10 shoulder taps

Hope you enjoy !


My favorite workout

It is important to take care of you and there is many way to do it cross fit, running , pilates , Zumba , going to the gym … but sometimes it cost a lots of money and lots of time . So here is my favorite training at home. 

Warm up 

10 high knees

25 mountains climbers

15 squats

60 secondes plank 

WOD (WorkOut of the Day)

10 jump lunges (each leg) 

30 crunches 

20 jumping jacks

10 push ups

20 leg raises

10 burpees 

Repeat all the WOD again for more challenge !:) 

The first step to find peaceĀ 

Inner peace is a thing I have been looking for for years… I am going to be honest , it is not a easy thing to archive . The first step to archive your goal is loving yourself . I think that you’ve got to be greatful. In the society we live in , we are raise to always to better . It is never enough. What if it was enough ? What if you only need to do what you want not what you “need” to? Wouldn’t it be easier ? Sometimes you need to forgive people who hurt you but sometimes you need to let them go because it is more healthy for you to let go and it is totally ok . You should not be afraid of that . Just be yourself !

*Sorry for the spelling mistakes English is not my first language!:)

How to love yourself

Loving yourself is not a easy thing to do but I have 4 tips for you.

1. Try new things

2. Do want you want not what people want you to do

3. Don’t be to hard on you

4. Surround yourself with people who support you and people who love you